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Who we serve

Minneapolis Building Maintenance Services

Tru-serve is a Minneapolis building maintenance company that provides professional facilities maintenance
throughout the Twin Cities (Minneapolis, MN and St. Paul, MN).

We service buildings for all types and sizes of facilities such as: Healthcare Facilities, Commercial Properties, Non-profit Facilities and Residential Properties.

Building Maintenance Minneapolis

What We Do

Whether you want to outsource your building maintenance, need maintenance support for existing staff, or have a one-time emergency; Tru-Serve has got you covered. Our team handles day-to-day facility maintenance services and one-time special projects to meet any maintenance need.

Tru-Serve project managers handle day-to-day maintenance service in and prioritize workloads to meet all maintenance needs for any size facility or campus of facilities. As one of the top companies, we serve clients in the healthcare, residential, commercial, and nonprofit sectors. Tru-Serve’s comprehensive maintenance services focus on personalized care, attention to detail, and quality workmanship.

For quality building maintenance, Tru-Serve can provide you with results – fast, high quality and reliable. It is not enough for us to show up and get the work done; we ensure that the quality of our work is first-rate. We leave no stone unturned. St. Paul and Minneapolis have long entrusted their facilities to us for cleaning, planning, and maintenance of their buildings.

As a premier company, we ensure that our staff is licensed to work on high and low pressure boilers to ensure that your safety is prioritized. All services for this kind of service St. Paul and Minneapolis receives are of the best quality we can provide. We have highly skilled and qualified staff that puts your needs first.

We pride ourselves on our superior expertise. Our services from Tru-Serve are fully outfitted with the right tools and techniques to make sure that your buildings and environs are safe, clean, and properly maintained.

Our St. Paul and Minneapolis service includes healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics. Tru-Serve has dedicated 30 years of service to concentrate on the various needs and requirements that the healthcare industry needs. We offer reliable services for systems maintenance.

In addition to preventative maintenance planning and project management and consulting, our customers turn to us for: preventative maintenance planning, compliance evaluation, automated systems maintenance, plumbing and HVAC maintenance, and interior and exterior repaircleaning and lawn care service.

We also offer our clients 24/7 maintenance services for any emergency that may occur. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our specialists anytime.