Reducing Costs

Reduce Your Building Maintenance Costs

  • Apartment Turnover Checklist

    In the competitive world of investment properties such as rental spaces, condominiums, apartment complexes, houses and hotels the first impression makes the most impact. However with every change of tenants come different physical damages done […]

  • Buying or Maintaining a Commercial Building? An Inspection Checklist would come in Handy!

    Let’s face it, buying and maintaining commercial buildings are costly ventures and can be extremely time consuming. At some stage business owners will have to result to hiring specialist inspectors to investigate on the highlights […]

  • How Lawn Care Services Can Save You Money

    Many people avoid hiring a company to handle their landscaping work because they think they can’t afford it. But hiring a lawn care service to take care of your property’s landscaping can be one of […]

  • How You Can Save Energy and Money

    Today, saving energy has never been easier or more important. It seems like most of us are invested in the practice of trying to use less energy not only to benefit the environment but also […]

  • How Outsourcing Property Management Services Saves Time And Money During Tenant Turnover

    Some property owners or managers shy away from outsourcing, preferring to rely on their full time staff to handle the incidents that occur on a daily basis. If you’ve got each of your residential property […]

  • Reduce Pain of Employee Turnover by Outsourcing Building Maintenance

    Many building managers don’t consider the actual costs of employee turnover when comparing the cost of outsourcing facilities maintenance.  The cost of replacing a vacant position on a building maintenance team can be significant. The […]

  • Reducing Water Consumption Key to Saving Money

    Don’t let money go down the drain! Dripping faucets and leaky toilets account for more than 59 percent of indoor water use in America according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Ensuring that faucets, […]

  • Save Money by Outsourcing Your Facilities Maintenance

    Reducing costs in a tough economy is high on the list for commercial building owners and managers today. Hiring an outsource maintenance company offers an option to keeping a team of maintenance workers on payroll […]