Residential Property Maintenance

St. Paul and Minneapolis Residential Maintenance Services


Having the HVAC system, electrical system, and plumbing in proper working order is important to every building owner, while preventative maintenance is key to assuring that your equipment operates safely and efficiently for a long time. This is why Tru-Serve provides top-quality Minneapolis HVAC services to residential buildings, with a focus on damage prevention to keep your safety and savings a priority.


Dependable, Versatile Service

Tru-Serve is experienced in serving the facilities maintenance needs of apartment complexes, townhome and condo associations, and other multifamily residential facilities. As a part of providing HVAC services Minneapolis residents can rely on, we also work with property owners of single family homes.

Finding dependable service providers you trust can be challenging. Here at Tru-Serve, we not only deliver quality work, we ensure that you get the results you want every time. As superior HVAC Minneapolis service providers, our contractors are well-versed in the functions and operating specifications of HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and water systems. Our vast experience in field enables us to clean, lubricate, repair, and maintain your systems properly and efficiently.

If you are looking for quality Minneapolis HVAC and mechanical technicians, electricians, plumbers and carpenters, Tru-Serve’s trained professionals are at your service. We employ only the best in the field and they are highly-trained to give only excellent work to our clients. For problems concerning your plumbing, electrical systems, water systems, and HVAC Minneapolis specifications, Tru-Serve can answer your questions and give you all the solutions you need.


Multi-Family And Single Family Specialists

To provide quality HVAC services Minneapolis residents can trust, Tru-Serve employs professionals who are skilled carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and mechanical technicians. We’re skilled in managing the work needed for hundreds of units within one building, and we routinely provide interior and exterior maintenance to residential buildings including:

  • General Repair
    Carpentry, painting, doors and windows, appliances, walls, doors and windows, cabinets, closets, counter tops
  • Exterior Work
    Asphalt, concrete, brick and stucco repairs, painting, glass replacement, window coverings
  • Plumbing and HVAC
    Drippy faucets, running or clogged toilets, water leaks, drain cleaning, HVAC maintenance
  • Electrical
    Lighting repairs and installation, outlets and switches, breaker replacement, ground fault interrupter replacement


More Services From Tru-Serve

If you own or maintain apartments, condominiums, and other multi-family residences, we can also handle the cleaning tasks you need done to maintain general areas. This might include: lobby and public space cleaning, graffiti removal, parking lot sweeping, and litter pickup.

For the facilities manager who wants to save energy and money, we offer our preventative maintenance planning services such as short-term and long-term planning, life cycle costing, and facilities inventory and maintenance assessment. Tru-Serve’s preventative maintenance planning service helps you control costs, conserve energy, and reduce down time.