Non-profit Facility Maintenance

Tru-Serve: Serving the Facilities Maintenance Needs for the Nonprofit Industry

Tru-Serve assists facility managers of nonprofit facilities with services similar to those needed by commercial facility managers. The difference with serving nonprofits customers is the broader mission on which their employees are focused and the fact that they are funded by grants, gifts, or taxes. Tru-Serve takes this as seriously as you do, and our goal is to cost-effectively maintain your facilities so visitors to your buildings – whether clients or stakeholders – are comfortable and satisfied with the building and its surroundings.


Assuring That The Condition Of Your Building Does Not Distract From Your Mission

A well-maintained property is comfortable for employees, clients, and visitors. We put your satisfaction at the top of the list when we come into your nonprofit building, and we understand how our work impacts the return on your investment. Whether you operate from a modern downtown hi-rise, a historic building, or an aging storefront, we will make sure that the condition of your building does not distract or detract from your mission.

We are familiar with both newly constructed and mature buildings and have the expertise to meet all maintenance needs for any size facility or campus of facilities. Tru-Serve regularly provides day-to-day maintenance, including such comprehensive services as plumbing and HVAC maintenance, and general interior and exterior remodeling, and as-needed and planned repairs. We can also provide cleaning. Your available services include:

  • General Repair
    Carpentry, painting, doors and windows, walls, doors and windows, cabinets, closets
  • Exterior Work
    Asphalt and concrete repairs, painting, glass replacement, window coverings, roofing inspection, graffiti removal, parking lot sweeping, and litter pickup
  • Plumbing and HVAC
    Drippy faucets, running or clogged toilets, water leaks, drain cleaning, HVAC maintenance
  • Electrical
    Lighting repairs and installation, outlets and switches, breaker replacement, ground fault interrupter replacement
  • Cleaning
    Offices, lobbies and common areas, conference rooms, restrooms, kitchen and break rooms, windows, construction and move-in cleanup


The Tru-Serve Difference

We’re available to help you maintain your facilities and prevent long-term inefficiencies. Our preventative maintenance planning services are designed to help you keep your facilities in top condition, save energy, and reduce costs. Because Tru-Serve’s professionals have such extensive experience working with facilities of all types, we are often called in by facilities managers who need temporary help to fill in for personnel out due to illness or time off.

Consider including line items for Tru-Serve maintenance and cleaning in your operating budget to assure that your building always provides an inviting backdrop for your important nonprofit work.