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Tru-Serve Gets Investor Groups Back In The Loop With Their Customized Maintenance Services

Investor groups come in many shapes and sizes, and span multiple industries. Tru-Serve knows that “time is money” and for many investors, there simply just isn’t time to ensure that the lessors are caring for the property as expected or as they claim. Tru-Serve offers their full range of services to all regardless of the property’s size or industry. Our highly experienced and specialized technicians can come out and troubleshoot a specific issue, or they can do a quarterly (or other frequency) checklist to make sure all equipment is running at its most efficient.

Why Should We Consider Tru-Serve’s Services?

Venture capitalists are busy, multi-taskers, with many projects up in the air at any given time. Because of this, investors can be left feeling ‘out of the loop’ as far as what condition their properties are really in. Doing an annual visit is often a formality, and does not offer the in-depth information that many investors would prefer to have; if only for reassurance that their renters are following through on maintaining the building. Whether it’s a school, hospital, strip mall, commercial unit, residential property, or any other type of property, Tru-Serve can customize our services to fit your needs.

Tru-Serve Can Supplement Your Maintenance Staff

In some cases, these groups employ a single full time (or part time) maintenance technician to address any emergencies, maintenance issues, and preventative maintenance. This person is often on-call 24/7 as well. If the investor were to purchase an additional unit, that extra work may be more than could be expected of the existing maintenance staff, but not enough to hire a new permanent employee. Tru-Serve can fill this gap by providing either on-call services only, or by being the maintenance crew for that unit on an as-needed basis.

This tactic saves money for them in multiple ways. The investor not only receives detailed communication from Tru-Serve after every visit, along with their typical recommendations for efficiency and productivity, but they also have a specialist on call for any type of issue that may arise. Tru-Serve will send out the most appropriate technician for the problem at hand, whereas a typical employee would not necessarily be that specialized across all trades. Investor group services also eliminate the need for time consuming and expensive hiring processes, including training, background checks, and turnover.

Tru-Serve Can Help Investor Groups Be More Profitable, Faster

With our specialized, completely customizable services, Tru-Serve helps investor groups get their properties up to par and profiting faster. Whether you decide to utilize our services to get up and running, between tenants, or as your full time maintenance staff, our goal is to blow you away with each and every service visit. Even our estimating process is the best in the industry. We’ve partnered with a national company to assist with our estimates, using advanced software that evaluates the schematic blueprints of your property. This evaluation can then be used to compare to national time study averages for specific tasks, including cleaning time, plumbing, electrical, and all other trades. We can customize our estimate to YOUR building, for only the services YOU want, helping to eliminate any surprises on your invoice.

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