Healthcare Facility Maintenance

Healthcare Janitorial & Maintenance Services


Strict standards and regulations are part of every aspect of managing and operating today’s healthcare facilities. With over 30 years of experience in healthcare facilities maintenance, Tru-Serve understands the many health and safety issues associated with properly maintaining hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. As part of what we do, Tru-Serve of Minneapolis-St. Paul provides maintenance and cleaning services to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your healthcare facility to protect both your staff and patients.


Quality Maintenance To Match Your Quality Service

When the public enters your facility, you want to have their first look at your building reflect the quality experience you provide. Our professionals can help support the image you want by maintaining the interior and exterior appearance of the building and making sure that climate control, plumbing, and electrical services are operating properly. The Tru-Serve team offers you a wealth of experience in maintaining and repairing the numerous mechanical systems – from boilers to medical gas and water treatment – within healthcare buildings and is familiar with required regulatory standards that apply to them.

Proper maintenance of mechanical systems within a healthcare facility holds real “life and death” potential. Tru-Serve professionals work with these systems daily and are fully aware of the importance of maintaining appropriate humidity levels in an operating room to avoid electric static, accurately purifying water sent to the sterilization room, and the host of other requirements found only in a medical environment.

In addition to mechanical systems maintenance, Tru-Serve offers the full range of facilities maintenance services to healthcare clients including:

  • Automated Systems Maintenance
    HVAC, cooling system, heating system, air exchangers, and water treatment
  • General Repair
    carpentry, painting, doors and windows, appliances, walls, doors and windows, cabinets, closets, counter tops
  • Exterior Work
    asphalt, concrete, brick and stucco repairs, painting, glass replacement, window coverings
  • Plumbing and HVAC
    drippy faucets, running or clogged toilets, water leaks, drain cleaning, HVAC maintenance
  • Electrical
    lighting repairs and installation, outlets and switches, breaker replacement, ground fault interrupter replacement

Cleaning Services That Meet Rigid Healthcare Standards

At Tru-Serve, we understand that a clean healthcare facility that is in good repair can contribute to the quality of care given to patients and their families. That’s why we make sure that our St. Paul janitorial services adhere to even the most stringent health care regulations.

Setting the standards for Minneapolis cleaning companies, ours are built on maintaining a healthy environment that fosters recuperation of patients and prevents infection. Our services are designed to minimize potential health risks that may be present in your facility. Also, as part of providing the best services in our area can offer, our professionals continuously try to come up with new cleaning approaches that account for the health and safety of everyone in your facility. Our available cleaning services cover: lobby and public space cleaning, graffiti removal, parking lot sweeping, and litter pickup.


Plan Ahead For Health And Savings

We pride ourselves in helping you maintain your facilities and prevent long-term inefficiencies. Our preventative maintenance planning services are designed to help you save energy and reduce costs.

Because Tru-Serve’s professionals have such extensive experience working with healthcare facilities, we are often called in by facilities managers who need temporary help to fill in for personnel out due to illness or time off.

Discover the advantages of having a safe and clean healthcare facility by using our maintenance and janitorial services. With us, true service is what you always get.